Monday, 18 November 2013

Burnley F.C. - Burnley F.C. Goalden Gamble lottery tickets (2)

Burnley F.C. Goalden Gamble lottery tickets 
Burnley F.C.

Mike McIntyre has been in touch, helping to complete the checklist for this collection and sending in scans of all the cards, plus a complete lottery ticket.
Details of missing Burnley FC “Goalden Gamble” Collect-a-Player lottery tickets as below, with scans of all the tickets attached. Let me know if you need info on other Burnley FC items – I might be able to help!

1.  Manchester United (John Connelly) 
2.  Everton (Martin Dobson) 
3.  Sunderland (Mike Docherty)
4.  Birmingham City (Jimmy McIlroy) 
5.  Wigan Athletic (Jimmy Robson) 
6.  Hull City (Peter Swan) 
7.  Aston Villa (Tony Morley)
8.  Fulham (Billy Hamilton) 
9.  Arsenal (Ian Wright) 
10.  Bolton Wanderers (Paul Fletcher) 
11.  Stoke City (Vince Overson) 
12.  Chelsea (Ian Britton) 
13.  West Ham United (Alan Taylor) 
14.  Portsmouth (Ray Pointer)
15.  Wolverhampton W. (Steve Kindon)
16.  Blackburn Rovers (John Pender) 
17.  Manchester City (Wayne Biggins) 
18.  Liverpool (Chris Pearce)
19.  Tottenham Hotspur (Ralph Coates)

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