Monday 2 September 2013

Ginners Left Foot fanzine / Hot Trumps - York City F.C.

York City F.C.
Ginners Left Foot fanzine / Hot Trumps

I haven't been able to get an example of these cards, I'm not sure if they were given away with the fanzine (which was produced by daleymayall) or were printed therein, intending to be cut-outs. Apparently, they are similar in style to Top Trumps cards. 31 out of 42 listed here:

Norman Wilkinson
Arthur Bottom
Sid Storey
Billy Hughes
Billy Fenton
Tommy Forgan
Barry Jackson
Andy Provan
Paul Aimson
Phil Burrows
Peter Wragg
Graeme Crawford
Jimmy Seal
Chris Topping
Ian Holmes
Brian Pollard
Ian McDonald
Keith Walwyn
John Macphail
John Byrne
Gary Ford
Ricky Sbragia
Keith Houchen
Derek Hood
Paul Barnes
Dean Kiely
Wayne Hall
Jon McCarthy
Andy McMillan
Nigel Pepper
Alan Fettis

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