Friday 6 September 2013

David Rowland - Huddersfield Town - Football Caricature Cards

Huddersfield Town F.C.
David Rowland
14 cards known

Roger Pashby has been in touch...

I’ve just seen your latest post – the David Rowland cards, and they greatly resemble a hitherto unidentified set that I bought from a friend. I have 14 (not 20) which were framed but I have now removed and placed them in my binders. They are not really cards as such; rather, they are printed on Kodak photographic stock and trimmed. Might be only 14 as we were a lower league side then. No goalkeeper either! I’ll attach a couple of scans for you.
I had never seen these anywhere before – how have you identified them as David Rowlands?

It was around 10 years ago now, so my memory is sketchy, but David Rowland produced a number of one-club card sets. The ones I just listed were ones I never saw anywhere. The other sets were Wolves, Manchester City, Arsenal, Bolton, Bury, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool and Manchester United - all the usual suspects, with a couple of others thrown in. I'm sure most of those are proper cards as I bought the Wolves set (I wanted the Nathan Blake card, and later added Dave Jones to my collection - that was before I got rid of all the cards where the players were not in Cardiff City kit). I've seen Wolves, Manchester City and Everton ones pop up on eBay from time to time. Well, that's all from me, ended up rambling a bit. I hope it all makes sense. 

Just going off to list your cards and then put another item together for the website. Thanks for the scans. You'll find the rest of these cards on Roger's website 1908 Huddersfield Town Cards & Stickers 2013, on the 2002 page.

S. Baldry
A. Booth
N. Clarke
G. Evans
T. Heary
C. Holland
K. Irons
S. Jenkins
D. Mattis
A. Moses
D. Schofield
M. Smith
J. Stead
J. Thorrington

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