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News Chronicle - 1959 F.A. Cup Final - Notts Forest

1959 F.A. Cup Final - Notts Forest
News Chronicle
11 cards

Similar to the many cards the News Chronicle issued in the 1950s. These are presumed to have been issued at the time of the 1959 F.A. Cup Final v Luton Town. There must be more cards in this series.
UPDATE (22-06-2017 10:31):  Lee West has been in touch via a comment below and he thinks there are 11 cards in total and he's been able to supply the missing names.

Jim Barrett (Nottingham Forest)
Jack Burkitt (Nottingham Forest)
Billy Gray (Nottingham Forest)
Stewart Imlach (Nottingham Forest)
Joe McDonald (Nottingham Forest)
Bob McKinlay (Nottingham Forest)
Johnny Quigley (Nottingham Forest)
Charlie Thompson (Nottingham Forest)
Billy Whare (Nottingham Forest)
Jeff Whitefoot (Nottingham Forest)
Tom Wilson (Nottingham Forest)


  1. There are, as far as I know, 11 cards. The four mentioned above (correct spelling Stewart Imlach) plus:
    Jeff Whitefoot
    Charlie Thompson
    Jack Burkitt
    Billy Gray
    Johnny Quigley
    Tom Wilson
    Jim Barrett
    It is my guess that the cards were issued prior to the final, as Barrett didn't play. His place was taken by Roy Dwight, scorer of Forest's first goal before being carried off with a broken leg.

    1. Hi Lee,

      Thank you very much for letting me know, I'll update the list straight away.




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