Tuesday 3 September 2013

Panini - France 98 (12) - Danone - Football Stars

Football Stars
Panini / Danone / Jacobs Happy Face Biscuits
50 stickers

I don’t know much about these, just that they were unnumbered stickers given away with Jacobs Happy Face Biscuits at the time of the 1998 World Cup. If the set is made of 50 stickers, there are 6 missing from this list.

Feiersinger (Austria)

Pfeffer (Austria)
Balakov (Bulgaria)
Kostadinov (Bulgaria)
Boksic (Croatia)
Jarni (Croatia)
Peter Schmeichel (Denmark)
Casaraghi (Italy)
Roberto di Matteo (Italy)
Garcia Aspe (Mexico)
Sanchez (Mexico)
Acuna (Paraguay)
Chilavert (Paraguay)
Gamarra (Paraguay)
Struway (Paraguay)
Dan Petrescu (Romania)
Dr. Khumalo (South Africa)
Masinga (South Africa)
Tinkler (South Africa)
Ben Slimane (Tunisia)
Savicevic (Yugoslavia)
Herzog (Austria)
Penev (Bulgaria)
Brian Laudrup (Denmark)
Nielsen (Denmark)
Ferrara (Italy)
Paolo Maldini (Italy)
Hernandez (Mexico)
Ramirez (Mexico)
Moldovan (Romania)
Selymes (Romania)
Ko (South Korea)
Lee (South Korea)
Tom Boyd (Scotland)
Colin Calderwood (Scotland)
Beya (Tunisia)
Trabelsi (Tunisia)
Jugovic (Yugoslavia)
Konsel (Austria)
Ivanov (Bulgaria)
Helveg (Denmark)
John Collins (Scotland)
Sellimi (Tunisia)
Vidakovic (Yugoslavia)


  1. Hi Alan,
    It is right : the set is made of 50 stickers. There are 13 teams represented (4 players for each team, except 2 players for Korea).

    The 6 missing players are :

    - Mijatovic (Yugoslavia)
    - Boban (Croatia)
    - Jerkan (Croatia)
    - Kostadinov (Bulgaria)
    - Balakov (Bulgaria)
    - Munteanu (Romania)

    This is important to notice that 2 different sets were issued. The first one shows no difference with the original stickers (except the sticker's back where appears the trademarks "Serenisima" and "Danone"). The 2nd set (with same players) is named "Football Stars" and the stickers have no logo "France 98" on the upper right corner of the front side.
    I have picture if you want to illustrate.


    1. Hi Makhno

      That's great, thanks very much for your help. If you can send me some pictures that would be great, especially if they show the differences between the two different versions.

      My e-mail address is alanjenkins1899@gmail.com

      I'll look forward to hearing from you. Thanks,


    2. Hi Makhno

      Just updating the list and I see you 2 Bulgarian players already on my list - Kostadinov (Bulgaria) and Balakov (Bulgaria).

      It looks like there is 1 Scotland player and 1 South African player missing.



  2. Hi Alan,
    you're right. I need glasses !
    So the 2 missing players are :

    - Mac Allister (Scotland)
    - Fish (South Africa)

    I will scan some stickers and send them today.



    1. Hi Makhno,

      Thanks for the last two names, it would have helped if I'd had the players in some sort of order. I'll look forward to receiving the scans later. Thanks very much.

      Take care,



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