Friday, 12 April 2013

Daily Mail - Sportraits

Sportraits (newspaper cut outs) - Hand drawn
Daily Mail

? cut-outs

Another collection of newspaper cut-outs issued just after the Second World War. There were many different series, but they were all distinctive. This collection being unnumbered, two different Sportraits are shown above. It has always been my intention to go to the Newspaper Library at Colindale (it's now moved from there) to look for these in the actual newspapers. Do you know of any others?

The information in this post has been superceeded by a later post. Please follow this link:
Thank you.

Kevin O'Flanagan (Arsenal)
George Cummings (Aston Villa)
Neil Dougall (Birmingham City)
Frank Mitchell (Birmingham City)
Walter Crook (Blackburn Rovers)
Bob Pryde (Blackburn Rovers)
Jimmy Blair (Blackpool)
Reg Attwell (Burnley)
Tom Dawson (Charlton Athletic)
John Harris (Chelsea)
Paul Todd (Doncaster Rovers)
Stanley Bentham (Everton)
Peter Farrell (Everton)
Ted Sagar (Everton)
Albert Watson (Huddersfield Town)
Les Goldberg (Leeds United)
Tom Holley (Leeds United)
Con Martin (Leeds United & Aston Villa)
Ray Lambert (Liverpool)
Tommy Capel (Manchester City)
Geoff Walker (Middlesbrough)
Jack Johnson (Millwall)
Charlie Wayman (Newcastle United)
Tom Barkas (Rochdale)
Jack Preece (Southport & Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Bob Firth


  1. Hi Alan
    I just wandered across your blog by following a link from Nigel Mercer's wonderful website. I have some of these newspaper items on the 1946 section of my website at
    Strangely, my SPORTRAITS items feature photographs of the player, together with a small cartoon at the bottom; the caricatures that you feature here are in the FOOTBALL STARS series.
    Feel free to 'lift' any images that you like!

  2. Hi Roger,
    Thanks for your comments on this post. The information you have sent means I can now clear up my mistake in wrongly identifying these items.
    Always a pleasure to hear from you.


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