Tuesday, 9 April 2013

B.A.B. - Newcastle United

Newcastle United F.C.

I've had an e-mail from Newcastle United fan Mick Wallace:

Hi Alan

A friend of mine from a cigarette collecting forum forwarded your blog to me and am starting to go through it. I am a collector of football/trade cards with main Interest being Newcastle United. Have enclosed scans of the 4 BAB cards I have in my collection for variation purposes. I have checked them on Nigel's Website so am sure they are authentic Any help I can give your quite welcome. Visit the forum on cards link below it may be of interest to you 

Mick Wallace

I've included all the stickers featuring Newcastle United that appear in my BAB database. Some are probably issued by Northern Trancessories and one or two may even be made by other companies. I hope this is of interest.

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