Tuesday, 9 April 2013

D.C. Thomson / The Hornet - All Star Banner - Part 2

All Star Banner
D.C. Thomson - The Hornet
One of 3 different Banners

It's only a small picture, but can anyone help identify the featured footballers and pop stars?
Starting from the top I can identify one of them as Derby County players, perhaps the first one is too. The team photo is an easy one. The next row shows more footballers, at least 2 of the ones with the white background are Liverpool players. Next come two pop groups, followed by some trophies, then two rows of pop stars.
Here's what I've got so far:
UPDATE (17-05-2018 08:32):  The list is now complete.

Martin Dobson (Burnley),  Danny Hegan (Wolverhampton Wanderers), Roy McFarland (Derby County)
Team Photo (Leeds United F.C.)
Howard Kendall (Everton)
Steve Heighway, Kevin Keegan, Chris Lawler, Ray Clemence (Liverpool)
4 Sporting Trophies - Gillette Cup (Cricket), The Malloch Challenge Trophy (Angling), Diamond Skulls (Rowing), The Open Championship (Golf)
Mick Jagger, Donovan, Ryan O'Neil (Film star)
Jan Ackerman (Focus), Tony Blackburn (D.J.), Marc Bolan

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