Friday, 12 April 2013

A. & J. Donaldson / R.T. Muat - Sports Favourites

Sports Favourites
R.T. Muat, Pencuick 

3 known

The write up with these cards stated "Reproduction of an un-issued card drawn by John Barr for Donaldson's 'Sports Favourites'." Strange items that I've only recently became aware of. No idea how old they are. I've stated the 1950s, but I could be completely wrong. They must be very rare if they do come from the time when Donaldson's Sports Favourites were issued. Are there any others? Is it a coincidence that the three cards I know of are all Manchester City players?

J. Wharton (Manchester City)
A. Black (Manchester City)
W. Walsh (Manchester City)

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