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Hokus-Pokus - Serie G: Sportler

Serie G - Sportler
Hokus-Pokus Zauberphoto

38 (perhaps more)

I've had a couple of e-mails from Alan regarding this German set. I'll let him explain:

As requested, here is a larger scan of Billy Wright (front and back together). I trust it is sufficient for your needs?
Notice that the back is off center when compared to the front (some of the text is cut off). From what I am told, this is common with this series, as the cards were produced in large sheets and then cut. Often times, the front and backs didn't exactly line up. Quality control wasn't that "quality" in the mid to late 1950's. I have seen cards of other athletes from other Hokus Pokus series (boxers Joe Louis, Sugar Ray Robinson, and Rocky Marciano come to mind) with either all-German text on the back (like this Wright), or bilingual text on the back (German and English). I have also seen them blank-backed. The card grading companies here in the United States disagree on the year of issue for the Hokus Pokus cards. Beckett has "slabbed" them with a 1949 label. SGC has slabbed them with a 1959 label. I agree with the latter, given the soccer players included in the series, and the players participation in the 1958 World Cup. Feel free to use this information on your excellent blog. Maybe someone else can help us figure out a checklist?

Here's the list of known cards, can you confirm the number in the set and what the missing cards are?

G1.  Louison Bobet - Cycling (France)
G2.  Hjalmar Andersen - Ice Skating (Norway)
G3.  Malcolm Campbell - Land Speed (England)
G4.  Lenie de Nijs - Swimming (Holland)
G5.  Dr. Peco Bauwens - Football
G6.  Jesse Owens - Athletics (U.S.A.)
G7.  Hans Schafer - Football
G8.  Fritz Walter - Football
G9.  Reg Harris - Cycling (England)
G10.  Ferenc Puskas - Football (Hungary)
G11.  Angelica Rozeanue - Table Tennis (Romania)
G12.  Toshiaki Tanaka - Table Tennis (Japan)
G14.  Werner Liebrich - Football
G15.  Jupp Posipal - Football
G16.  Toni Turek - Football
G18.  Schiaffino - Football (Uruguay)
G19.  Werner Lueg - Athletics
G20.  Hans Gunter Winkler - Show Jumping
G21.  Herbert Schade - Athletics
G22.  Herbert Klein - Swimming
G23.  Heinz Futterer - Athletics
G24.  Emil Zatopek - Athletics (Hungary)
G25.  Sepp Herberger - Fussball
G26.  Sigvard Eriksson - Ice Skating (Norway)
G27.  Karl Kling - Motor Racing
G29.  Heinz Neuhaus - Boxing
G30.  Stirling Moss - Motor Racing (England)
G31.  Fritz Thiedemann - Show Jumping
G32.  Billy Wright - Football (England)
G33.  Chris Chataway - Athletics
G34.  Roger Bocquet - Football (Switzerland)
G35.  Ernst Ocwirk - Football (Austria)
G37.  Gerhard Hanappi - Football (Austria)
G38.  Igor Netto - Football (Russia)

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