Thursday 11 April 2013

La Vache Qui Rit - Equipe de France Angleterre 96

Equipe de France Angleterre 96
La Vache Qui Rit


Another French collection, that includes a number of players who plied their trade in the Premier League. Lots of information missing from this checklist, so if anyone can help fill a few gaps, please get in touch.
UPDATE:  Roberto Aletto has very kindly added a comment that contains the complete checklist for this set.

1.  Jocelyn Angloma
2.  Fabien Barthez
3.  Eric Cantona

4.  Christophe Cocard
5.  Marcel Desailly
6.  Didier Deschamps
7.  Eric Di Meco
8.  Youri Djorkaeff
9.  Christophe Duguarry
10.  David Ginola
11.  Vincent Guerin
12.  Christian Karembeu
13.  Bernard Lama
14.  Franck Leboeuf
15.  Paul Le Guen
16.  Bixente Lizarazu
17.  Patrice Loko
18.  Bruno Martini
19.  Nicolas Ouedec
20.  Reynald Pedros
21.  Alain Roche
22.  Lilian Thuram
23.  Zinedine Zidane
24.  Aime Jacquet


  1. 1. Jocelyn Angloma
    2. Fabien Barthez
    3. Eric Cantona
    4. Christophe Cocard
    5. Marcel Desailly
    6. Didier Deschamps
    7. Eric Di Meco
    8. Youri Djorkaeff
    9. Christophe Duguarry
    10. David Ginola
    11. Vincent Guerin
    12. Christian Karembeu
    13. Bernard Lama
    14. Franck Leboeuf
    15. Paul Le Guen
    16. Bixente Lizarazu
    17. Patrice Loko
    18. Bruno Martini
    19. Nicolas Ouedec
    20. Reynald Pedros
    21. Alain Roche
    22. Lilian Thuram
    23. Zinedine Zidane
    24. Aime Jacquet

    1. Thanks Roberto,

      I've updated the list and added a link to this post in the 'Earlier Posts Updated' section of my blog. Thank you very much.


  2. Hello Alan,

    You are welcome. Thank you for maintaining this great blog. I use cartophilic-info-exch to finish a lot of my collections and to find new ones.




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