Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Panini (Spain) - División de Honor Plata Masculina 2020-2021 Digital Collection

División de Honor Plata Masculina 2020-2021 Digital Collection
393 stickers

This collection covers the second tier of handball in Spain and includes the FC Barcelona B team. I know this probably won't interest anyone but as I've got the information relating to the FC Barca team I thought I might as well add it to my blog. The album is now available as part of Panini's Digital Collection. 

78.  Jordi González (FC Barça B)
79.  Marti Soler (FC Barça B)
80.  Albert Pujol (FC Barça B)
81.  Juan Palomino (FC Barça B)
82.  David Roca (FC Barça B)
83.  Oriol Zarzuela (FC Barça B)
84.  Roberto Domenech (FC Barça B)
85.  Luis Montserrat (FC Barça B)
86.  Alejandro Barbetto (FC Barça B)
87.  Guillem Erea (FC Barça B)
88.  Nil Ortis (FC Barça B)
89.  Bruno Requart (FC Barça B)
90.  Robert Rosell (FC Barça B)
91.  Arnau Fernández (FC Barça B)
92.  Aleksandar Cenic (FC Barça B)
93.  Artur Parera (FC Barça B)
94.  Diego Cadelo (FC Barça B)
95.  Roi Sánchez (FC Barça B)

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