Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Biscottes St Honoré (France) - Sport

Biscottes St Honoré
24 blotters

A collection of blotters (buvards), the football design is a little strange - the pitch is marked out for a football match, there are nets in the goal, the players are wearing football kit and there's a goalkeeper just about to catch the ball... but it seems to be a rugby ball, though rugby features on blotter no. 3!

1.  Fencing.  
2.  Swimming
3.  Rugby
4.  Trotting
5.  Diving
6.  Boxing
7.  Water Skiing
8.  Wrestling
9.  Motor Racing
10.  Fishing
11.  Lawn Tennis
12.  Basketball
13.  Rowing
14.  Walking
15.  Cycling
16.  Aviation
17.  Shooting
18.  Sailing
19.  Volleyball
20.  Fox Hunting
21.  Horse Racing
22.  Parachuting
23.  Ping-Pong
24.  Football

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