Saturday, 19 June 2021

Cicogna (Italy) - (1951-52) Tuttocalcio

Tutto Calcio
100 cards

I don't have much information about these cards but as I am slowly going through all the information I have on Cicogna issues I thought I'd include this collection as well. These are sometimes referred to as being issued in 1949-50, but that is not the case - Mario Tontodonati was only at Lucchese for one season (1951-52) and he's shown in the colours of the Rossoneri.

Tutto Calcio - Glossy
Tutto Calcio - Matt

3.  Pinardi

7.  Fattori

10.  Miglioli

29.  Amadei
30.  Tontodonati

37.  Flamini

40.  Malacarne

51.  Antonazzi
52.  Boniforti
53.  Renica
54.  Del Frate

60.  Skoglund

70.  Wilkes (Inter)   -    added 24-06-2021  -  thanks to Fraulo

84.  Saccavino


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