Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Cicogna (Italy) - (1950-51) Tuttocalcio II

Tuttocalcio II
? cards

These cards come from second set issued in 1950-51, though not much is known about them. They are unnumbered and all have a yellow border with blank backs. The team name is included on the card so they are sorted by name within club and the numbers are for refence purposes only (it helps to keep a count on how many cards are listed!).
  1. Campatelli (Bologna)
  2. Gargia (Bologna)
  3. Cardani (Como)
  4. Ghiandi (Como)
  5. Ghiandi (Como) - different
  6. Achilli (Inter)
  7. Armano (Inter)
  8. Armano (Inter)
  9. Blason (Inter)
  10. Lorenzi (Inter)
  11. Miglioli (Inter)
  12. Neri (Inter)
  13. Padulazzi (Inter)
  14. Skogland (Inter)
  15. Soldan (Inter)
  16. Wilhes (Inter)
  17. Bearzot e Sessa (Inter e Triestina)
  18. Jon Hansen (Juventus)
  19. Manente (Juventus)
  20. Mari e Viola (Juventus)
  21. Parola (Juventus)
  22. Moro (Lucchese)
  23. Annovazzi (Milan)
  24. Burini (Milan)
  25. Gren (Milan)
  26. Nordahl (Milan)
  27. Renosto (Milan)
  28. Santagostino (Milan)
  29. Corghi (Novara)
  30. Romano (Padova)
  31. Santamaria (Palermo)
  32. Fossati (Pro Patria)
  33. Ballico (Sampdoria)
  34. Cusciela (Torino)
  35. Ciccarelli (Triestina)
  36. Grosso (Triestina)
  37. Nuciari (Triestina)
  38. Milanese (Venezia)

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