Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Topps - Premier League 2014 Official Sticker Collection (11) - Gold Foil Sticker Cards

2014 Premier League Official Sticker Collection
120 stickers

When this collection was released Topps announced a special Pro 11 competition where it was possible to win special Gold Sticker Cards of certain players. I copied this from Topps' website at the time:
The top 500 winners from each week will be sent a super-rare, Pro 11 Sticker Card of their chosen Hot-Pick. The Sticker Cards have an exclusive gold foil sticker on the front for you to put in your Album, plus a Limited Edition, Gold Foil card to keep and show to your mates!
Phil Heald got in touch the other day asking if these stickers actually exist. I've got the six Cardiff City Gold Pro 11 cards but I don't know anything about the Gold Foil Stickers. My cards certainly don't have stickers on the front, can anyone confirm the existence of these stickers?
I have my suspicion that Topps decided just to produce the Gold Foil Cards.
•   Topps original image showing 3 Gold Stickers
•   3 Topps Gold Pro 11 Cards
•   2 album pages showing all the Pro 11 stickers
UPDATE (18-11-2020 12:13):  Martin Bennett has sent me an e-mail:
The stickers are literally stuck on top of the cards. They are very fiddly to remove without damaging the sticker. I used a sharp knife on the corner but as they are sticky they need to be quickly stuck onto something. I had a couple of spares so decided to try it, I suspect most people didn't bother!!
Martin has also provided a photos of his Rickie Lambert sticker and card - sticker on the left, card on the right.

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  1. Hi Alan, may I get in touch with Martin? I need two of the Oscar gold foil stickers. Thanks!!


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