Thursday 19 November 2020

Topps - Lost Rookie Cards (02) - 001 - Lionel Messi

Lost Rookie Cards
? cards

Information is still a little sketchy, this is what Topps has to say, we'll probably know more in quarter of an hour, once it goes live...
•  The Lost Rookie Cards are going live today from 4pm GMT.
•  Classic Rookie Cards that never got made… until now.
•  Celebrating the debut season in the UEFA Champions League of the biggest stars in world football, past and present.
•  A new Rookie Card released every two weeks on a vintage Topps design from the same season as when the player debuted in the competition.
•  Look out for numbered parallels included with lucky orders of base cards # to 1, # to 5, # to 10, # to 25, # to 49.
•  Available only at
I must admit I am not a fan of putting a Rookie Card logo on a card released 16 years after the event. It could be very confusing to collectors in years to come.
Prices for the Lionel Messi autograph cards are:
Base #/49 - £300; Purple #/25 - £499.99; Red #/10 - £1,000.00; Orange #/5 - £1,500.00; Gold 1/1 £3,000.00 (already sold out). 
UPDATE (19-11-2020 16:28):  Less than 30 minutes after going on sale all the autograph cards are now showing as being SOLD OUT.

Lost Rookie Cards
PARALLEL: Lost Rookie Cards - Autograph  #/49
PARALLEL: Lost Rookie Cards - Purple  #/25
PARALLEL: Lost Rookie Cards - Purple Autograph  #/25
PARALLEL: Lost Rookie Cards - Red  #/10
PARALLEL: Lost Rookie Cards - Red Autograph    #/10
PARALLEL: Lost Rookie Cards - Orange  #/5
PARALLEL: Lost Rookie Cards - Orange Autograph    #/5
PARALLEL: Lost Rookie Cards - Gold  1/1
PARALLEL: Lost Rookie Cards - Gold Autograph   1/1

1.  Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona) - 2004


  1. In two minutes the best ones have been sold.

  2. Hi Alan, a note in this regard, despite having the Rookie Card logo, if you look closely, on the back of the card is the year of manufacture. It is something that by law they are obliged to do so that there is no confusion, they are also found on music discs to distinguish a first edition from a reissue, in books ...

    1. Hu Manu,

      I suppose you are right, but I still think it's not the right thing to do. They are using a 'RC' logo on the Roberto Carlos card when he made his professional debut for União São João in 1991 and didn't play in the Champions League until 1997-98, his second season at Real Madrid.

  3. I don't think it's the right thing to do either. But I think Topps is making Champions Rookies Cards, the problem comes when they use different designs for each card, if they used the same design for all of them it would be simpler and the logo would remain as part of the collection, just like the Premier League or the of Champions. At least if we know the year of manufacture it will be more difficult to fool people


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