Sunday 15 November 2020

SM Entertainment (South Korea) - Girls' Generation Star Cards Season 2 - World Cup 2010

Girls' Generation Star Cards Season 2 - World Cup 2010
SM Entertainment
South Korea
45 cards

I found these on eBay the other day, obviously issued at the time of the World Cup tournament in 2010. Girls' Generation, also known as SNSD, is a South Korean girl group. The group's Korean name is So-nyuh Shi-dae and they've released 6 albums in Korea and 3 in Japan. I've shown the first 18 cards in the collection

GG2-109.  Taeyeon
GG2-110.  Sooyoung
GG2-111.  Tiffany
GG2-112.  Sunny
GG2-113.  Hyoyeon
GG2-114.  Yuri
GG2-115.  YoonA
GG2-116.  Jessica
GG2-117.  Seohyun
GG2-118.  Taeyeon
GG2-119.  Sooyoung
GG2-120.  Tiffany
GG2-121.  Sunny
GG2-122.  Hyoyeon
GG2-123.  Yuri
GG2-124.  YoonA
GG2-125.  Jessica
GG2-126.  Seohyun
GG2-127.  Taeyeon
GG2-128.  Sooyoung
GG2-129.  Tiffany
GG2-130.  Sunny
GG2-131.  Hyoyeon
GG2-132.  Yuri
GG2-133.  YoonA
GG2-134.  Jessica
GG2-135.  Seohyun
GG2-136.  Taeyeon
GG2-137.  Sooyoung
GG2-138.  Tiffany
GG2-139.  Sunny
GG2-140.  Hyoyeon
GG2-141.  Yuri
GG2-142.  YoonA
GG2-143.  Jessica
GG2-144.  Seohyun
GG2-145.  Unit
GG2-146.  Unit
GG2-147.  Unit
GG2-148.  Unit
GG2-149.  Unit
GG2-150.  Unit
GG2-151.  Group
GG2-152.  Group
GG2-153.  Group

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