Sunday, 15 November 2020

Panini (Austria) - Bundesliga 20-21 (03) - 6-Sticker Sheets

Bundesliga 20-21
317 stickers
49 cards

Heute, the largest free daily newspaper in Austria, gave away two 6-sticker sheets recently but I've only been able to find poor photos of one of them and although I've got the list of players on the second sheet I don't know the order in which they are displayed. The complete checklist can be found here - Panini (Austria) - Bundesliga 20-21 (01) - Checklist.

Bundesliga 20-21 - Sheet 1

10.  Cican Stankovic (FC Red Bull Salzburg)
53.  Yusuf Demir (SK Rapid Wien)
176.  Markus Suttner (FK Austria Wien)
88.  Alexander Schlager (LASK)
185.  Christoph Monschein (FK Austria Wien)
47.  Thomas Murg (SK Rapid Wien)

Bundesliga 20-21 - Sheet 2

14.  Andreas Ulmer (FC Red Bull Salzburg)
24.  Zlatko Junuzovic (FC Red Bull Salzburg)
51.  Christoph Knasmüllner (SK Rapid Wien)
103.  Peter Michorl (LASK)
109.  Marko Raguz (LASK)
181.  Alexander Grünwald (FK Austria Wien)

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