Monday, 27 July 2020

Sports Fun - Presentation Plates (1922)

Presentation Plates
Sports Fun
? plates

These Presentation Plates weren't special inserts, they were just printed on the back cover of the comic, but I still think they are highly collectable. I have to thank Neil Hawkins for his help with this list and for providing the Cardiff City plate.

11-02-1922.  Vol.1, No.1.  
18-02-1922.  Vol.1, No.2.  
25-02-1922.  Vol.1, No.3.  Aston Villa F.C.
04-03-1922.  Vol.1, No.4.  Bolton Wanderers F.C.
11-03-1922.  Vol.1, No.5.  Manchester City F.C.
18-03-1922.  Vol.1, No.6.  Huddersfield Town F.C.
25-03-1922.  Vol.1, No.7.  Cardiff City F.C.
01-04-1922.  Vol.1, No.8.  Stoke F.C.
08-04-1922.  Vol.1, No.9.  
15-04-1922.  Vol.1, No.10.  
22-04-1922.  Vol.1, No.11.  
29-04-1922.  Vol.1, No.12.  
06-05-1922.  Vol.1, No.13.  
13-05-1922.  Vol.1.No.1 (New Series).  
20-05-1922.  Vol.1.No.2 (New Series).  
27-05-1922.  Vol.1.No.3 (New Series).  
03-06-1922.  Vol.1.No.4 (New Series).  

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