Thursday 29 August 2019

Oakland Museum of California (USA) - Sports - Breaking Records, Breaking Barriers

Sports - Breaking Records, Breaking Barriers
Oakland Museum of California
1 card?

I don't know much about this card, it's not numbered so it might be a one-off. The exhibition it refers to was compiled by the Smithsonian Institute and toured the United States for from 2004-2007:
National Museum of American History, Washington, DC
Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, PA
Gerald R. Ford Museum, Grand Rapids, MI
New York State Museum, Albany, NY
Union Station Kansas City, Kansas City, MO
National Constitution Center, Philadelphia, PA
Oakland Museum of California, Oakland, CA
Ohio Historical Center, Columbus, OH
Oregon Historical Society, Portland, OR
Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, Spokane, WA
35 sporting personalities were featured, Mia Hamm (Olympic Games jersey, 1996) was one of two footballers, Pele (New York Cosmos jersey, 1976) being the other.

John L. Sullivan (Boxing)
Gertrude Ederle (Swimming)
Jackie Robinson (Baseball)
Althea Gibson (Tennis)
Roger Bannister (Athletics)
Kristi Yamaguchi (Ice Skating)
The First Olympics
Bobby Morrow (Athletics)
1980 United States Hockey Team (Ice Hockey)
Brian Boitano (Ice Skating)
Bonnie Blair (Speed Skating)
Dominique Dawes (Gymnastics)
Arnold Palmer (Golf)
Sandy Koufax (Baseball)
Terry Bradshaw (American Football)
Bill Russell (Basketball)
Hank Aaron (Baseball)
Mia Hamm
Jim Thorpe (Athletics)
Betsy Jochum (Women's Baseball)
Roberto Clemente (Baseball)
Geese Ausbie (Basketball)
Billie Jean King (Tennis)
Tim Brauch (Skateboard)
James L. Plimpton (Roller Skating)
Owen Churchill (Sciba Diving)
Marilyn Hamilton (Wheelchair Tennis)
Howard Head (Ski-ing, Tennis)
Lance Armstrong (Cycling) - before his afll from grace
Babe Ruth (Baseball)
Sonja Henie (Ice Skating)
Jim Brown (American Football)
Muhammad Ali (Boxing)
Michael Jordan (Basketball)


  1. A Yamaguchi recently sold on eBay (item # 293843859762), so I suspect there are others.

    1. Thanks for letting me know, I'll have to keep a lookout for those.


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