Thursday, 29 August 2019

A. Prescott & Co. Ltd. - Famous Football Shirts

Famous Football Shirts
A. Prescott & Co. Ltd.
25 shirts

Martin Bennett asked if I knew anything about the shirts issued by A. Prescott in the early 1970's. I only knew about the flags and pennants but I haven't come across decent photos of either so I haven't been able to add checklists to my blog. Martin has provided photos of the Crystal Palace and Southampton shirts along with the front and back of a packet and said they are easy to date as it's the 22 teams in the First Division for 1972/73 season plus Aston Villa, Celtic and Rangers. He's also promised to send photos of examples of the flags and pennants too, so the checklists for these will be appearing soon.

Aston Villa
Birmingham City
Coventry City
Crystal Palace
Derby County
Glasgow Celtic
Glasgow Rangers
Ipswich Town
Leeds United
Leicester City
Manchester City
Manchester United
Newcastle United
Norwich City
Sheffield United
Stoke City
Tottenham Hotspur
West Bromwich Albion
West Ham United
Wolverhampton Wanderers

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