Monday 26 August 2019

Garcia Morales (Uruguay) - Album Deportivo ~ 4 veces Campeones

Album Deportivo ~ 4 veces Campeones
Garcia Morales
4 photos

This is a four-panelled album booklet celebrating Uruguay’s four world titles of the early 20th century. Team photographs from all four squads are included, with the World Cup heroes Obdulia Varela and Alcides Ghiggia noted in the photograph from the 1950 Celeste outfit. The trainer for the 1950 Uruguay team, Romero Vasquez, has signed this booklet in black pen, adding an inscription in Spanish and dating the signature to July 25th, 1950, shortly after the "Maracanazo" on July 16th.

Uruguayos Campeones del Mundo - Colombes 1924
Uruguayos Campeones del Mundo - Amsterdam 1928
Uruguayos Campeones del Mundo - Montevideo 1930
Uruguayos Campeones del Mundo - Rio Janeiro 1950

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