Wednesday 28 August 2019

Lafayette SwampCats - Lafayette SwampCats (1998)

Lafayette SwampCats
Lafayette SwampCats
30 cards

I don't have much information about this set. The team only played for two seasons in the Eastern Indoor Soccer League - 1997 and 1998, which is also how long the league survived. Other teams in the league were Huntsville Fire, Baton Rouge Bombers, Columbus Comets (1997) became the Mississippi Beach Kings (1998), Tallahassee Scorpions, Tupleo Hound Dogs (1997) became the Pensacola Flyers (1998) and Savannah Rug Ratz.

4.  Craig Rhodis
17.  Todd Dusosky
22.  Troy Dusosky


  1. Very amazed that these cards exist! I was a local youth obsessed with this team the two years they played. Shame the league had to fold. I have an autographed mini EISL soccer ball, though it’s a bit faded.

    1. I love tracking down cards from teams that don't exist anymore. That ball sounds like an amazing souvenir.


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