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The Sun - (SUN-050/SUN-1) Football Swap Cards

(SUN-050/SUN-1) Football Swap Cards
The Sun
134 cards

1.  Team Photo (Arsenal)
2.  Team Photo (Blackpool)
3.  Team Photo (Burnley)
4.  Team Photo (Chelsea)
5.  Team Photo (Coventry City)
6.  Team Photo (Crystal Palace)
7.  Team Photo (Derby County)
8.  Team Photo (Everton)
9.  Team Photo (Huddersfield Town)
10.  Team Photo (Ipswich Town)
11.  Team Photo (Leeds United)
12.  Team Photo (Liverpool)
13.  Team Photo (Manchester City)
14.  Team Photo (Manchester United)
15.  Team Photo (Newcastle United)
16.  Team Photo (Nottingham Forest)
17.  Team Photo (Southampton)
18.  Team Photo (Stoke City)
19.  Team Photo (Tottenham Hotspur)
20.  Team Photo (West Bromwich Albion)
21.  Team Photo (West Ham United)
22.  Team Photo (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
23.  Team Photo (Birmingham City)
24.  Team Photo (Blackburn Rovers)
25.  Team Photo (Bolton Wanderers)
26.  Team Photo (Bristol City)
27.  Team Photo (Cardiff City)
28.  Team Photo (Carlisle United)
29.  Team Photo (Charlton Athletic)
30.  Team Photo (Hull City)
31.  Team Photo (Leicester City)
32.  Team Photo (Luton Town)
33.  Team Photo (Middlesbrough)
34.  Team Photo (Millwall)
35.  Team Photo (Norwich City)
36.  Team Photo (Orient)
37.  Team Photo (Oxford United)
38.  Team Photo (Portsmouth)
39.  Team Photo (Queens Park Rangers)
40.  Team Photo (Sheffield United)
41.  Team Photo (Sheffield Wednesday)
42.  Team Photo (Sunderland)
43.  Team Photo (Swindon Town)
44.  Team Photo (Watford)
45.  Team Photo (Aston Villa)
46.  Team Photo (Barnsley)
47.  Team Photo (Bradford City)
48.  Team Photo (Brighton & Hove Albion)
49.  Team Photo (Bristol Rovers)
50.  Team Photo (Bury)
51.  Team Photo (Chesterfeld)
52.  Team Photo (Doncaster Rovers)
53.  Team Photo (Fulham)
54.  Team Photo (Gillingham)
55.  Team Photo (Halifax Town)
56.  Team Photo (Mansfield Town)
57.  Team Photo (Plymouth Argyle)
58.  Team Photo (Port Vale)
59.  Team Photo (Preston North End)
60.  Team Photo (Reading)
61.  Team Photo (Rochdale)
62.  Team Photo (Rotherham United)
63.  Team Photo (Shrewsbury Town)
64.  Team Photo (Swansea Town)
65.  Team Photo (Torquay United)
66.  Team Photo (Tranmere Rovers)
67.  Team Photo (Walsall)
68.  Team Photo (Wrexham)
69.  Frank McLintock (Arsenal)
70.  Jimmy Armfield(Blackpool)
71.  Dave Merrington (Burnley)
72.  Ron Harris (Chelsea)
73.  Alan Mullery (Tottenham Hotspur)
74.  John Sewell (Crystal Palace)
75.  Dave Mackay (Derby County)
76.  Brian Labone (Everton)
77.  Jimmy Nicholson (Huddersfield Town)
78.  Bill Baxter (Ipswich Town)
79.  Billy Bremner (Leeds United)
80.  Tommy Smith (Liverpool)
81.  Tony Book (Manchester City)
82.  Bobby Charlton (Manchester United)
83.  Bobby Moncur (Newcastle United)
84.  Henry Newton (Nottingham Forest)
85.  Terry Paine (Southampton)
86.  Peter Dobing (Stoke City)
87.  Roy Barry (Coventry City)
88.  Graham Williams (West Bromwich Albion)
89.  Bobby Moore (West Ham United)
90.  Mike Bailey (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
91.  Jon Sammels (Arsenal)
92.  Fred Pickering(Blackpool)
93.  Ralph Coates (Burnley)
94.  Peter Osgood (Chelsea)
95.  Neil Martin (Coventry City)
96.  Alan Birchenall (Crystal Palace)
97.  John O'Hare (Derby County)
98.  Alan Ball (Everton)
99.  Terry Poole (Huddersfield Town)
100.  Jimmy Robertson (Ipswich Town)
101.  Allan Clarke (Leeds United)
102.  Emlyn Hughes (Liverpool)
103.  Francis Lee (Manchester City)
104.  George Best (Manchester United)
105.  Bryan Robson (Newcastle United)
106.  Ian Storey-Moore (Nottingham Forest)
107.  Ron Davies (Southampton)
108.  Gordon Banks (Stoke City)
109.  Martin Peters (Tottenham Hotspur)
110.  Colin Suggett (West Bromwich Albion)
111.  Jimmy Greaves (West Ham United)
112.  Derek Dougan (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
113.  Malcolm Beard (Birmingham City)
114.  Ken Knighton (Blackburn Rovers)
115.  John Byrom (Bolton Wanderers)
116.  Chris Garland(Bristol City)
117.  John Toshack (Cardiff City)
118.  Chris Balderstone (Carlisle United)
119.  Alan Campbell (Charlton Athletic)
120.  Terry Neill (Hull City)
121.  Peter Shilton (Leicester City)
122.  Malcolm MacDonald (Luton Town)
123.  Alex McMordie (Middlesbrough)
124.  Harry Cripps (Millwall)
125.  Albert Bennett (Norwich City)
126.  Tony Mancini (Orient)
127.  Ron Atkinson (Oxford United)
128.  Norman Piper (Portsmouth)
129.  Rodney Marsh (Queens Park Rangers)
130.  Alan Woodward (Sheffield United)
131.  Peter Grummitt (Sheffield Wednesday)
132.  Colin Todd (Sunderland)
133.  Don Rogers (Swindon Town)
134.  Brian Endean (Watford)


  1. Hi Alan, I wasn't aware of any variant cards in this set, but just found a version of Number 64 labelled Swansea City, rather than Town. The font is slightly smaller as well. Only other difference is that the back has green rather than red writing.

    1. Hi Pat,

      Thanks for your comment. All the years I've been looking at those cards I never realised there were two different versions of the Swansea Town card. Talk about looking and not seeing!!! I'll get images of the two different versions on my blog tomorrow or over the weekend.



  2. I had not realised either, until today. Partly because the card in my set (and the two duplicates I have) are the Swansea Town version. Just been on a auction site to complete the set!


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