Friday 14 July 2017

KFC (South Africa) - Supa Strikas Clash Cards (2016)


Supa Strikas Clash Cards
South Africa
16 base cards

Super Strikas have been around a long time, the first comics were produced in 2000. They aren't sold directly to customers but are usually included with various publications and newspapers. This is the first set of cards issued for the cartoon characters. A pack of two cards were given away with certain purchases at KFC restaurants in Bloemfontein, South Africa. I've no idea why the release was restricted to just one area of the country.

1.  Big Bo (Supa Strikas)
7.  Cool Joe (Supa Strikas)
8.  North Shaw (Supa Strikas)
9.  Dancing Rasta (Supa Strikas)
10.  Shakes (Supa Strikas)
16.  Twisting Tiger (Supa Strikas)
20.  El Matador (Supa Strikas)
55.  Blok (Supa Strikas)

11.  Riano (FC Barka)
10.  Skarra (Invincible United)
9.  Miko Chen (FC Nakama)
10.  Don Aldo (Clube Palmentieri)
1.  De Los Santos (The Azul)
10.  Johann Uber (Iron Tank FC)
10.  Andrec Meda (Club Orion)
8.  Chuck T. Chipperson (FC Technicali)

Golden Shakes (Prize card)


  1. Replies
    1. I think these are very hard to find, I've never seen any for sale.

  2. Shake is cool because he knows the bicycle trick. Coach is scary!

  3. I like super strikers!

  4. l am big fan of supa srikas nukama and sultans

  5. I need dis cards


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