Monday, 10 July 2017

Panini (Mexico) - Estrellas de Futbol (Ritz Galletas)

Estrellas de Futbol
Panini / Ritz
20 cards

The cards are printed as part of the packaging and need to be cut out, folded in half and pasted together. The Ritz Galletas (Crackers) box tells us that there are 20 cards to collect, though the numbering seems a little strange if that is the case. I don't have a complete checklist as I've only ever seen this one box. I've listed them under Panini rather than Ritz because when the cards are cut from the packet there's no reference to Ritz on them.

11.  Javier Adelmar Zanetti (Argentina) - Inter Milan kit
23.  Figo (Portugal) - Inter Milan kit
42.  Francesco Totti (Italia) - Roma kit

??.  Cafu (Brasil) - Milan kit

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