Thursday 13 July 2017

Footy! magazine - Supa Strikas Match The Pairs Game

Supa Strikas Match The Pairs Game
Footy! magazine
12 cards

A sheet of 24 cards that are meant to be cut up so that the game can be played and comes free with the first issue of Footy!, a new kids football magazine. Each card appears twice, which helps when you are playing 'match the pairs'. There are twelve different cards, six Supa Strikers players and six from various opposition sides.

Twisting Tiger
The Blok
El Matador
Big Bo
Dancing Rasta
De Los Santos (The Azul)
Don Aldo (Club Palmentieri)
Meda (Club Orion)
Miko Chen (FC Nakama)
Skarra (Invincible United)
Johann Uber (Iron Tank FC)

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