Saturday 15 July 2017

Roox Sports - 2000 Women's Soccer USA

2000 Women's Soccer USA
Roox Sports
17 cards

The cards are unnumbered so I've used the squad numbers used at the 2000 Olympic Games where the U.S. team finished with the Silver medal when they lost to Norway in the Final in Sydney.

NNO.  2000 Women's Soccer (Title card)
1.  Briana Scurry
2.  Lorrie Fair
3.  Christie Pearce
4.  Carla Overbeck
5.  Nikki Serlenga
6.  Brandi Chastain
7.  Sara Whalen
8.  Shannon MacMillan
9.  Mia Hamm
11.  Julie Foudy
12.  Cindy Parlow
13.  Kristine Lilly
14.  Joy Fawcett
15.  Kate Sobrero
16.  Tiffeny Milbrett
18.  Siri Mullinix

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