Tuesday 19 July 2016

Topps - 2016 Topps U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Team Hopefuls (02) - 5" x 7"

2016 Topps U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Team Hopefuls
123 cards

Topps have created 5" x 7" versions of all the main cards in the collection, 123 in total. The Topps website states 122 cards, but they list 123. The cards a foil numbered to 49 (printed in the bottom left hand corner on the front) and printed front/back on 16 pt glossy trading card stock.

1.  Michael Phelps (Swimming)
2.  Claressa Shields (Boxing)
3.  Brittney Griner (Basketball)
4.  Diana Taurasi (Basketball)
5.  Candace Parker (Basketball)
6.  Mariel Zagunis (Fencing)
7.  Paige Selenski (Hockey)
8.  Sam Mikulak (Gymnastics)
9.  Kayla Harrison (Judo)
10.  Matt Stutzman (Archery)
11.  Melissa Stockwell (Paratriathlon)
12.  Carlin Isles (Rugby)
13.  Kim Rhode (Shooting)
14.  Missy Franklin (Swimming)
15.  Steven Lopez (Taekwondo)
16.  April Ross (Volleyball)
17.  Holley Mangold (Weightlifting)
18.  Madison Hughes (Rugby)
19.  Nathan Schrimsher (Modern Pentathlon)
20.  Megan Rapinoe (Soccer)
21.  Matt Grevers (Swimming)
22.  Connor Fields (Cycling - BMX)
23.  Haley Anderson (Swimming)
24.  Conor Dwyer (Swimming)
25.  Jake Dalton (Gymnastics)
26.  Danell Leyva (Gymnastics)
27.  John Orozco (Gymnastics)
28.  Brad Snyder (Swimming)
29.  Perry Baker (Rugby)
30.  Tyler Clary (Swimming)
31.  Tori Bowie (Athletics)
32.  Justin Gatlin (Athletics)
33.  Joe Kovacs (Athletics)
34.  LaShawn Merritt (Athletics)
35.  Adeline Gray (Wrestling)
36.  Elena Delle Donne (Basketball)
38.  Simone Biles (Gymnastics)
39.  Natalie Coughlin (Swimming)
40.  Abby Wambach (Soccer)
41.  Sarah True (Triathlon)
42.  Casey Patterson (Volleyball)
43.  Brady Ellison (Archery)
44.  Sue Bird (Basketball)
45.  Courtney Mathewson (Water Polo)
46.  Kami Craig (Water Polo)
47.  Merrill Moses (Water Polo)
48.  Jenny Arthur (Weightlifting)
49.  Tom Shields (Swimming)
50.  Ryan Lochte (Swimming)
51.  David Boudia (Diving)
52.  Cullen Jones (Swimming)
53.  Margaux Isaksen (Modern Pentathlon)
54.  Allison Schmitt (Swimming)
55.  McLain Ward (Equestrian)
56.  Phil Dalhausser (Volleyball)
57.  Galen Rupp (Athletics)
58.  Summer Ross (Volleyball)
59.  Emily Day (Volleyball)
60.  Jake Gibb (Volleyball)
61.  Bob Beamon (Athletics)
62.  Rulon Gardner (Wrestling)
63.  Jenny Thompson (Swimming)
64.  Aly Raisman (Gymnastics)
65.  Carly Patterson (Gymnastics)
66.  Gary Hall Jr. (Swimming)
67.  Nathan Adrian (Swimming)
68.  Alana Nichols (Para-Canoe)
69.  Katie Meili (Swimming)
70.  Tatyana McFadden (Athletics)
71.  Lex Gillette (Athletics)
72.  Leo Manzano (Athletics)
73.  Elizabeth Beisel (Swimming)
74.  Maya Moore (Basketball)
75.  Gabby Douglas (Gymnastics)

Olympic Disciplines

OD-1.  Diana Taurasi (Basketball)
OD-2.  Claressa Shields (Boxing)
OD-3.  Mariel Zagunis (Fencing)
OD-4.  Paige Selenski (Hockey)
OD-5.  Sam Mikulak (Gymnastics)
OD-6.  Kayla Harrison (Judo)
OD-7.  Sarah True (Triathlon)
OD-8.  Tatyana McFadden (Athletics)
OD-9.  Carlin Isles (Rugby)
OD-10.  Kim Rhode (Shooting)
OD-11.  Missy Franklin (Swimming)
OD-12.  Steven Lopez (Taekwondo)
OD-13.  April Ross (Volleyball)
OD-14.  Holley Mangold (Weightlifting)
OD-15.  McLain Ward (Equestrian)
OD-16.  Adeline Gray (Wrestling)
OD-17.  Candace Parker (Basketball)
OD-18.  Sue Bird (Basketball)
OD-19.  Gabby Douglas (Gymnastics)
OD-20.  Ryan Lochte (Swimming)
OD-21.  Michael Phelps (Swimming)
OD-22.  Simone Biles (Gymnastics)
OD-23.  Connor Fields (Cycling - BMX)
OD-24.  Brady Ellison (Archery)
OD-25.  Natalie Coughlin (Swimming)

Closing Ceremonies

CC-1.  Athens 1896 (Olympic Games)
CC-2.  London 1908 (Olympic Games)
CC-3.  Stockholm 1912 (Olympic Games)
CC-4.  Paris 1924 (Olympic Games)
CC-5.  Los Angeles 1932 (Olympic Games)
CC-6.  Berlin 1936 (Olympic Games)
CC-7.  London 1948 (Olympic Games)
CC-8.  Helsinki 1952 (Olympic Games)
CC-9.  Melbourne 1956 (Olympic Games)
CC-10.  Rome 1960 (Olympic Games)
CC-11.  Tokyo 1964 (Olympic Games)
CC-12.  Mexico City 1968 (Olympic Games)
CC-13.  Munich 1972 (Olympic Games)
CC-14.  Montreal 1976 (Olympic Games)
CC-15.  Moscow 1980 (Olympic Games)
CC-16.  Los Angeles 1984 (Olympic Games)
CC-17.  Seoul 1988 (Olympic Games)
CC-18.  Barcelona 1992 (Olympic Games)
CC-19.  Atlanta 1996 (Olympic Games)
CC-20.  Sydney 2000 (Olympic Games)
CC-21.  Athens 2004 (Olympic Games)
CC-22.  Beijing 2008 (Olympic Games)
CC-23.  London 2012 (Olympic Games)

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