Thursday 21 July 2016

Richards Collection - Sporting Stars (04) - Hibernian

Sporting Stars
Richards Collection
1000 cards

Richard White has provided scans of the Hibernian cards he has recently acquired. All this information has been added to the most recent incomplete checklist - Richards Collection - Sporting Stars (03) - Checklist.

47.  Jock Weir (Blackburn Rovers)   (Special Edition by Scott)
56.  George Tweedy (Grimsby Town)   (Special Edition by Scott)
315.  Tommy Younger (Hibernians)   (by Mickey Durling)
386.  Gordon Smith (Hibernians)   (by Mickey Durling)
442.  John Govan (Hibernian)   (by Mickey Durling)
483.  John Govan (Hibernian)   (by Mickey Durling)
666.  Lawrie Reilly (Hibernian)   (by Mickey Durling)
675.  Hugh Howie (Hibernian)   (by Mickey Durling)
680.  Eddie Turnbull (Hibernian)   (by Mickey Durling)
788.  Lawrie Reilly (Hibernian)   (by Mickey Durling)

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