Wednesday 20 July 2016

Futera - Futera World Football Unique 2016 (02)

Futera World Football Unique 2016
120 base cards

More exciting news about the forthcoming Futera World Football Unique 2016 collection. Click on any one of the images to page through larger versions of them. Look out for the full checklist coming soon.

Base set
120 cards
PARALLEL: Base set - Silver  'of 21' 
presented on matt silver board with silver foiling front and back
PARALLEL: Base set - Gold  'of 11' 
presented on matt gold board with gold foiling front and back
One card from either set 1:4 packs
Every Parallel Card has a unique code in addition to the Base Set code adding to its rarity, and giving greater playing power at

Heritage  'of 50'  (1:4 packs)
75 cards
The classic Futera 'Heritage' brand is introduced to the sport of football featuring legends from over the years.

Memorabila/Jersey Cards

Memorable (Dual Memorabila)  'of 99'
50 cards
Cards feature a piece of the player's game memorabilia on the card front with a piece of a Matchday Programme on the back

Superstars  'of 59'
50 cards
Showcasing the world's top superstars, each card front gives key details about the featured player's memorabilia.

Then & Now (Dual Memorabila)  'of 55'
16 cards
Cards feature 2 different pieces of the player's memorabilia - one from his recent playing days and one a flashback to a time earlier in his football career.

National Heroes (Dual Memorabila)  'of 50'
25 cards
Cards feature 2 players from the same country - one current day and one legendary football star. The set features game-used and training-used memorabilia from some of the world's top soccer superstars.

Versus (Dual Memorabila)  'of 49'
25 cards
Versus features a piece of game jersey from 2 different players on the same card. The players featured on the cards are often compared for their style of play or skill level and are among the greatest players to ever play the beautiful game.

Matchday (Dual Memorabila)  'of 32'
25 cards
This Set not only features a piece of actual game jersey from some of the greatest footballers of all-time, but also a piece taken from the Matchday Programme from the game the player's memorabilia relates to - each card states details of the game, date and location. The back of each card features a gallery of the featured player.

Kitcard (Dual/Triple Memorabila)  'of 29'
25 cards
Each Kitcard features 2 or 3 pieces of memorabilia from some of the world's greatest stars such as game-worn jersey, training-worn gear, match-used ball.

Memostars (Dual Memorabila)  'of 25'
10 cards
A fan's favourite, 2016 'Memostars' feature a gold-plated title.

Memostars (Triple Memorabila)  'of 17'
15 cards
A fan's favourite, 2016 'Memostars' feature a gold-plated title.

Mythicals  'of 5'
165 cards
The Mythicals feature either a piece of player jersey or Matchday Programme and are presented in a gold-plated frame. These rare, highly sought-after cards feature a comprehensive range of legends from the 1950s through to the 2000s. Mythicals cards give the greatest playing power at

On-Card Autographs  'of 40 or less'
Every card gives the date and place of player signing, is individually numbered and has a unique code.

A new set introduced with the 2016 UNIQUE Collection featuring a player autograph on a classic design style.

Combo player autograph plus a piece of player memorabilia.

Combo player autograph plus a piece of player memorabilia.

Memorable Autograph
A  new set introduced with the 2016 Unique Collection. A combo player autograph plus a piece of player memorabilia corresponding to the 'Memorable' Memorabilia Set.

'1 of 1' Autographs
Individually created, a '1 of 1' is the most rare type of collectible within the Collection where only one of each exists. The World Football UNIQUE 2016 Collection provides the most comprehensive list of autograph cards ever assembled and totalling twice as many as in previous releases. Autograph cards are signed on-card and game used memorabilia is from footballers’ games. Memorabilia includes jerseys, boots, training-wear and match-used balls.

'1 of 1' Autographs

'1 of 1' Combo Autographs plus Memorabilia cards

'1 of 1' Threads
Autograph cards

'1 of 1' Combo Threads
Autograph plus Memorabilia cards

'1 of 1' Production Sets
with Printing Plate and Certificate Card

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