Sunday, 6 March 2016

Barratt & Co. / Napro Productions - (BAR-290) Famous Footballers (Transfers)

(BAR-290) Famous Footballers (Transfers)
Barratt & Co. / Napro Productions
1 sheet x 20 transfers

I have been going through my old data files looking for references to the sheets of transfers issued in the late 1940s. I have previously included a sheet of Famous Cricketers produced by Napro Productions and during my search I found scans of footballer transfers that are very similar to the sheet of cricketers, using the same typeface, so I presume these were issued by the same company at roughly the same time. Although I have scans of all twenty transfers I have never come across a complete sheet so I've just listed these in alphabetical order by club.

W. Barnes (Arsenal - Portrait)
T. Ford (Aston Villa - Action)
S. Mortensen (Blackpool - Portrait)
H. Potts (Burnley - Portrait)
B. Mozley (Derby County - Action)
P. Doherty (Doncaster - Action)
M. Griffiths (Leicester - Portrait)
B. Streten (Luton - Action)
J. Rowley (Manchester U - Portrait)
W. Mannion (Middlesbrough - Action)
E. Hinton (Millwall - Portrait)
W. Ardron (Notts F - Portrait)
T. Finney (Preston NE - Portrait)
G. Young (Rangers - Portrait)
N. Franklin (Stoke - Portrait)
L. Shackleton (Sunderland - Portrait)
J. Vernon (W.B.A. - Portrait)
W. Robinson (West Ham U - Action)
J. Pye (Wolves - Action)
B. Williams (Wolves - Action)

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