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Barratt & Co. / WHC Ltd. - (BAR-290) Famous Cricketers (Transfers)

(BAR-290) Famous Cricketers (Transfers)
Barratt & Co. / WHC Ltd.
2 sheets x 20 transfers

Brian Jukes has kindly supplied a scan of the complete sheets of transfers of Famous Cricketers. I'm including it here for two reasons; firstly, the sheet includes Allan Watkins who played football for Plymouth Argyle and Cardiff City and secondly because I have scans of transfers of Famous Footballers that are very similar to these cricketers and must have been produced by the same company. You can see a WHC Ltd. logo in the scan above. I have listed all the transfers I've included recently with a reference to Barratt & Co. as some of them were included in Barratt products and listing them this way makes them easier to find in my Football Cartophilic Info Exchange Index blog, but you should be aware that some of them may have no connection to Barratt & Co. Please note the images are not to scale. The first sheet is numbered 1, so I've presumed that the second sheet is number 2.

Famous Cricketers (Transfers) - Sheet 1

H. Sutcliffe (Yorkshire)
D. Pollard (Lancashire)
R.T. Simpson (Notts)
D.G. Bradman (S. Australia)
A. Watkins (Glamorgan)
M.J. Turnbull (Glamorgan)
H.E. Dollery (Warwickshire)
H. Verity (Yorkshire)
J.A. Young (Middlesex)
J.D. Robertson (Middlesex)
D.V.P. Wright (Kent)
W. Hammond (Gloucester)
M. Tate (Sussex)
J. Laker (Surrey)
A. Bedser (Surrey)
W. Vose (Notts)
E.R.H. Toshack (New South Wales)
C.L. McCool (Queensland)
W.A. Brown (New South Wales)
A.R. Morris (New South Wales)

Famous Cricketers (Transfers) - Sheet 2

S.G. Barnes (New South Wales)
I. Johnson (Victoria)
A. Fagg (Kent)
N.W.D. Yardley (Yorkshire)
N.D. Ring (Victoria)
W. Rhodes (Yorkshire)
F. Woolley (Kent)
W.H. Copson (Derbyshire)
R.R. Lindwall (New South Wales)
J.T. Ikin (Lancashire)
W.J. Edrich (Middlesex)
T.G. Evans (Kent)
J. Hardstaff (Notts)
R.N. Harvey (Victoria)
J.B. Hobbs (Surrey)
H. Gimblett (Somerset)
J.F. Crapp (Gloucester)
L. Hutton (Yorkshire)
J. Langridge (Sussex)
A.V. Avery (Essex)

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