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A.W. Allen (Confectionery) - (AL2-19) Footballers

(AL2-19) Footballers
A.W. Allen (Confectionery) Ltd.
54 cards (17 football)

A set of 54 footballers, though many of them are rugby players. I've seen reference to 26 footballers in this set, but I can only find 17. 11 were members of the Football Association team that toured Australia in 1925 and 6 were Australian internationals (**). The cards are multi-backed as can be seen above, no cards have more than one back.
The list is incomplete as I have been unable to find card no. 49 nor have I been able to identify A. O'Conner on card no. 21.
UPDATE (10-03-2016):  Brian Jukes has kindly provided information about card nos. 14 and 49.

1.  T.J. (Tom) Whittaker (Arsenal)
2.  H. (Harry) Hardy (Stockport County)
3.  J. (Jimmy) Walsh (Liverpool)
4.  C. (Cecil) Poynton (Tottenham Hotspur)
5.  L. (Len) Graham (Milwall - sic)
6.  W.C. (William "Bill") Caesar (Dulwich Hamlet)   -    "Allen's Quality Kicks the Goals" back
7.  F. (Frank) Burge (New South Wales Rugby League)
8.  C.S. (Stan) Seymour (Newcastle United)
9.  C.W.S. (Charlie) Spencer (Newcastle United)
10.  H.G. (Bert) Batten (Plymouth Argyle)   -    "Allen's Quality Kicks the Goals" back
11.  W. (Billy) Sage (Tottenham Hotspur)
12.  J.E. (John Edward "Teddy") Davison (Sheffield Wednesday)
13.  H. (Herman) Peters (New South Wales Rugby League)
14.  H. (Harold) Horder (New South Wales Rugby League)   -   amended   -   thanks to Brian Jukes
15.  T. McMahon (New South Wales Rugby League)
16.  B. (Ben) Gronow (Great Britain Rugby League)
17.  J. (Jim) Sigley (Queensland Rugby League)
18.  N. (Norm) Potter (Queensland Rugby League)
19.  Cec. Broadfoot (Queensland Rugby League)
20.  V. (Vic) Armbruster (Queensland Rugby League)
21.  A.W. (Alf) O'Connor (New South Wales Rugby League)   -   updated 28-11-2020  -  thanks to Brian (see comments)
22.  J. Bennett (Queensland Rugby League)
23.  B. (Benny) Wearing (New South Wales Rugby League)
24.  P. (Prece) Parcells (Queensland Rugby League)
25.  H. (Henry) Waterhouse (New South Wales Rugby League)
26.  T. (Tom) Gorman (Queensland Rugby League)
27.  H. (Harold) Wagstaff (Great Britain Rugby League)
28.  F. (Frank) McMillan (New South Wales Rugby League)
29.  C. (Charles) Fraser (New South Wales Rugby League)
30.  J.A. (Jim) Bacon (Great Britain Rugby League)
31.  G. (George) Cartwright (Australia) **
32.  F. (Fred) Gallen (Australia) **
33.  C. (Cecil) Williams (Australia) **   -  C. Williams on front, G. Williams on back
34.  J. (James "Judy") Masters (Australia) **
35.  W. (Bill) Maunder (Australia) **
36.  H. Spurway (Australia) **
37.  W. (Bill) Paten (Queensland Rugby League)
38.  C. (Cecil) Aynsley (Queensland Rugby League)
39.  D. (Duncan) Thompson (New South Wales Rugby League)
40.  J. (Jim) Craig (New South Wales Rugby League)
41.  J. (John) Hunt (Queensland Rugby League)
42.  W. (William) Ives (New South Wales Rugby League)
43.  R. (Reg) Latta (New South Wales Rugby League)
44.  John Purcell (Queensland Rugby League)
45.  Dally Messenger (New South Wales Rugby League)
46.  J. (Jonty) Parkin (Great Britain Rugby League)
47.  C. (Cecil Rhodes) Blinkhorn (New South Wales Rugby League)
48.  James Purcell (Queensland Rugby League)
49.  D. (Cecil) Seddon (New South Wales Rugby League)   -   added   -   thanks to Brian Jukes
50.  Jim Sullivan (Great Britain Rugby League)
51.  Eric Frauenfelder (Queensland Rugby League)
52.  W. (Bill) Spencer (Queensland Rugby League)
53.  A. (Alf) Blair (New South Wales Rugby League)
54.  F. (Frank) Gallagher (Great Britain Rugby League)


** Played for Australia v Canada in the fifth and final test match at Adelaide on 12 July, 1924

F.A. Tour of Australia, 1925 - Players not featured in the set:

Manager: John Lewis
Assistant Manager: M.C. Froude
Stan Charlton (Exeter City)
Jack Elkes (Tottenham Hotspur)
Jimmy Hamilton (Crystal Palace)
Charlie Hannaford (Clapton Orient)
Joe Hannah (Norwich City)
Ernie Simms (Stockport County)
Billy Williams (West Ham United)

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  1. Google Alf O'Connor Rugby. Hopefully this is the player you are looking for. Born in 1900 in Sydney, Australia.



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