Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Top Sellers / Panini - TNX-4 Football 72 (02) - Errors/Varities - Neil Young

TNX-4 Football 72
Top Sellers / Panini
420 cards 

Included with the original checklist were two error cards and here are the Neil Young ones.

TNX-4 Football 72 - errors/varieties

202.  Neil Young (Manchester City) - action - photo of Mike Doyle
202.  Neil Young (Manchester City) - head & shoulders


  1. Hi Alan, I have Charlie Cooke as card 51 (headshot). Card 52 is Peter Houseman (looking right no ball). I don't have the alternative card 52...

    1. Thanks Nik,

      This pair was noted a long time ago, though I can't find any further reference to it. I wish I had been more precise when adding it to my notes.


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