Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Topps - 2016 Topps Series 1 Baseball ~ First Pitch

2016 Topps Series 1 Baseball ~ First Pitch
20 cards (1 Footballer)

2016 Topps Series 1 Baseball is due out tomorrow (3 February, 2016) and the collection includes another series of 'First Pitch' cards. At the time of writing the complete set isn't known but here is a preliminary list with half a dozen names still missing. Abby Wambach is included. The cards fall 1:8 packs.
UPDATE (02-02-2016 13:46):  All the names now, but card numbers missing for just two of them.
UPDATE (02-02-2016 23:32):  The checklist is now complete.

FP-1.  Abby Wambach (New York Mets)
FP-2.  Gabrielle Giffords (New York Mets - Politician)
FP-3.  Don Cherry (Toronto Blue Jays - Ice Hockey Commentator)
FP-4.  Mo'ne Davis (Boston Red Sox - Baseball)
FP-5.  Evelyn Jones (Seattle Mariners - 108 years old)
FP-6.  Bree Morse (Los Angeles Angels - Beauty Queen)
FP-7.  Jordan Spieth (Boston Red Sox - Golf)
FP-8.  Kristaps Porzingis (New York Mets - Basketball)
FP-9.  Victor Espinoza (New York Mets - Horse Racing)
FP-10.  Johnny Knoxville (Los Angeles Dodgers - Actor)
FP-11.  James Taylor (Boston Red Sox - Singer)
FP-12.  Bud Selig (Milwaukee Brewers - Baseball)
FP-13.  LeVar Burton (Chicago White Sox - Actor)
FP-14.  Hayley Atwell (Houston Astros - Actress)
FP-15.  Bill Withers (Seattle Mariners - Singer)
FP-16.  Steve Aoki (Los Angeles Dodgers - Musician)
FP-17.  Carrie Brownstein (Seattle Mariners - Singer, Comedian)
FP-18.  Rebekah Gregory (Houston Astros - Boston Marathon Survivor)
FP-19.  Tony Hawk (San Diego Padres - Skateboarding)
FP-20.  IronE Singleton (Miami Marlins - Actor)

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