Friday, 5 February 2016

Esso - (ESV-2) F.A. Cup Centenary Medals 1872-1972 (02) - Error - Tottenham Hotspur / Everton


(ESV-2) F.A. Cup Centenary Medals 1872-1972
30 medals

I omitted to include two error coins when I published the checklist yesterday. I've seen a number of the Spurs / Everton coins but I've only ever come across one instance of the Aston Villa / Newcastle United error. If there are two there are probably more. Once a one-club collector has his club's coin there's no need to check any others and I presume many dealers wouldn't know whether the wins listed on the backs of the coins are right or wrong. Though the back of the Aston Villa error coin includes Aston Villa as one of the beaten finalists!

Tottenham Hotspur (Front) / Everton Cup wins on back


  1. Hello my name is chelsea i am writing this comment because i would like to know more about this coin. My nanna has the same one as the one on thr gith side the first pic with the Barnsley, Astan Villa, Arsenal, Balckpool, Arsenal and manchester city. I would like to know how much my nanna could sell this for.
    Please email me on, so we can have more information.
    Thank You
    Chelsea Louise Boswell

    1. Hi Chelsea,

      Unfortunately these coins/medallions are not rare and even in the best condition (as new) would be worth £1.00.

      Kind regards,



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