Monday, 22 February 2016

Quaker Oats - Quaker Picture Cards - Group 9 - Stars of Sport


Quaker Picture Cards - Group 9 - Stars of Sport
Quaker Oats
5 cards (1 Football)

This card is scanned from an album and it's the only Billy Wright card I've seen from this collection, but I've found an image of the back of one of the other cards in the series, just to show what it looks like. Although the back states 'Series 1' there was no 'Series 2' issued.

These cards are similar to the W. Shipton Trojan Gen-Cards.

1.  W. Wright

2.  W. Pastrano (Boxing)
3.  Peter May (Cricket)
4.  H. Elliott (Athletics)
5.  J. Graham (Motor Racing)

Group 1.  Beautiful and Scarce

Group 2.  Characters of Fiction
Group 3.  Stars of Entertainment
Group 4.  Fight against Crime
Group 5.  Prehistoric Monsters
Group 6.  Railways
Group 7.  Racing Cars
Group 8.  Insect World
Group 9.  Stars of Sport
Group 10.  Animal World
Group 11.  Nursing
Group 12.  Under the Sea
Group 13.  Ballet
Group 14.  The Wild West
Group 15.  Motor Cars

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