Tuesday 23 February 2016

Fanstadia - Football Stadium Postcards (02)

Football Stadium Postcards
4 known

Harry Greenmon has provided details for the missing card from this series of four known stadium postcards. Are there more?
UPDATE (06-05-2016 12:12):  I've had an e-mail from James Brown relating to Fanstadia and I thought I'd share it with everyone as it has some interesting information about Fanstadia.
I have been working for English Heritage as a volunteer transcribing registers of photographs taken by a company called Aerofilms during the C20th.  I came across some entries for a company called Fanstadia who were based in Calne, Wiltshire. Being curious about why they wanted photographs of football grounds I did a websearch and came across your blog where a few of their postcards are mentioned.
From the transcriptions I have done I can confirm that Fanstadia commissioned Aerofilms to photograph a number of grounds but I do not know if they actually produced photographs of these grounds.
The grounds commissioned photographs were taken of are:
February 1992: Birmingham City; West Bromwich Albion; Aston Villa; Manchester United; Oldham Athletic; Blackburn Rovers; Arsenal; Millwall; Queens Park Rangers; Crystal Palace; Port Vale; Brentford; Stoke City; Chelsea. 
September 1992: Tottenham Hotspur; Swindon Town; Plymouth Argyle.
Aerofilms also photographed the grounds at:
Reading; Northampton Town; Chelsea; Watford; Cambridge United; Oxford United; Peterborough United; Portsmouth; Southampton; Exeter City; Torquay United; Bristol Rovers.

These pictures are not yet available on the Aerofilms website http://www.britainfromabove.org.uk/ but there may be other pictures on the site of interest to your fellow bloggers. I have just searched 'Arsenal' on the site with interesting results.

GRB-40.  Sheffield Wednesday F.C.
GRB-41.  Dundee F.C.
GRB-42.  Liverpool F.C.
GRB-43.  Rangers F.C.


  1. hi, I stumbled across this article and thought I would contribute. I was the proprietor of Fanstadia and can confirm that Aerofilms were the company that I contracted to take the photographs of the majority of the grounds in the UK and did so for the purpose of providing a unique fan memorabilia item, Sadly for me I embarked on this venture at a really bad time. The Taylor report required stadiums to be all seater and subsequently the clubs began restructuring their grounds. I was unable to afford for the grounds to be rephotographed. Sadly my company went bust. Aerofilms held the copyright for the photographs and therefore they took the idea and went about marketing the photographs themselves. I had commissioned a company in Ireland to produce the postcards but am unsure how many I actually sold. I think most ended up in a skip!


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