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Kiddy's Favourites - (KID-200/KHM-8/ZAP-030/ZB9-40) "Popular" Speedway Riders

(KID-200/KHM-8/ZAP-030/ZB9-40) "Popular" Speedway Riders
Kiddy's Favourites
52 cards

Kiddy's Favourites issued a number of football card sets, but also covered some other sports, this set highlights some of the top Speedway riders in the country in the years following World War Two. The checklist has been supplied by Harry Richards. Card no. 23 was the 'key' card, which was produced in low numbers and difficult to get.

UPDATE (13-08-2015):  John Levitt has informed me that he has 25 Speedway cards with a blue cancelled back as well as a few with blank backs.
UPDATE (21-22-2019 14:34):  John Levitt has provided scans of the rare card, no. 23.

(KID-200a/KHM-8) "Popular" Speedway Riders - Kiddy's Favourites - white border, caption in green

(KID-200b/KHM-8) "Popular" Speedway Riders - Kiddy's Favourites - white border, caption in grey/black
(ZAP-030/ZB9-40) "Popular" Speedway Riders - Buy 'Yanky' Bubble Gum - green border, caption in black, cards unnumbered
(ZAP-030/ZB9-40) "Popular" Speedway Riders - Buy 'Yanky' Bubble Gum - pink border, caption in black, cards unnumbered
(KID-200a/KHM-8) "Popular" Speedway Riders - Kiddy's Favourites - blue "cancelled" back
(KID-200a/KHM-8) "Popular" Speedway Riders - Kiddy's Favourites - blank back

1.  Eddie Rigg (Odsall)

2.  Bill Matthews (West Ham)
3.  Frankie Lawrence (New Cross)
4.  Willie Gilbert (Wembley)
5.  Harry "Howdy" Byford (West Ham)
6.  Johnny Arnfeild (Harringay)
7.  Les Lawson (Belle Vue)
8.  Cyril Brine (Wimbeldon)
9.  Sam "Split" Waterman (Wembley)
10.  Joe Bowkis (Harringay)
11.  Ray Moore (New Cross)
12.  Jackie Freeman (Norwich)
13.  Alex Gray (Plymouth)
14.  Bill Baird (White City, Glasgow)
15.  Peter Lansdale (Plymouth)
16.  Ken Le Breton (Newcastle)
17.  Dent Oliver (Belle Vue)
18.  Cahrlei May (Bristol)
19.  Johnny Myson (Exeter)
20.  Eddie French (New Cross)
21.  Charlie Watson (West Ham)   -    amended   -   thanks to Robert Muat
22.  Richard Howard (Hanley)
23.  Johnny Biggs (Harringay)
24.  Bill Wilson (Middlesbrough)
25.  Benny King (West Ham)
26.  Jeff Lloyd (New Cross)
27.  Eric Chitty (West Ham)
28.  Jack Parker (Belle Vue)
29.  Norman Parker (Wimbeldon)
30.  Malcolm Craven (West Ham)
31.  Bill Kitchen (Wembley)
32.  Alex Statham (Odsall)
33.  Tommy Price (Wembley)
34.  George Wilks (Wembley)
35.  Ron Clarke (Odsall and Bradford)
36.  Vic Duggan (Harringay)
37.  Aubrey Lawson (West Ham)
38.  Bill Rogers (Belle Vue)
39.  Bill Longley (New Cross)
40.  Ron Johnson (New Cross)
41.  Frank Dolan (Harringay)
42.  Ray Duggan (Harringay)
43.  Frank Hodgson (Middlesbrough)
44.  Lloyd Goffe (Harringay)
45.  Oliver Hart (Odsall)
46.  Michael "Mike" Erskine (Wimbeldon)
47.  Geoffrey Pymar (New Cross)
48.  Tommy Crooms (West Ham)
49.  Tommy Allott (Sheffield)
50.  Les Wotton (Wimbeldon)
51.  Les Price (Odsall)
52.  Joe Abbott (Bradford)

(KID-200a/KHM-8) "Popular" Speedway Riders - Kiddy's Favourites - erros/varieties

12.  Jackie Freeman (Norwich) - reverse misaligned - copyright and address at the top.


  1. Alan

    (Note: some rider names and team names misspelled on these cards)

    Cards were also issued without any reference to Kiddy's Favourites or their address on the back and some have been found with a blank back.

    The following cards contain errors as noted but have not been corrected.

    7 Les (should be Louis) Lawson Belle Vue
    9 Sam (should be Squire Francis) “Split” Waterman Harringay
    20 Eddie (should be Eric) French New Cross
    21 Charlie (Should be Cliff) Watson West Ham
    22 Richard Howard (should be Dick) Hanley (should be Stoke Potters)
    23 Johnny (should be Jack) Biggs Harringay
    26 Jeff Lloyd (shows Eric Chitty) New Cross
    27 Eric Chitty (shows Jeff Lloyd) West Ham
    51 Les Price (should this be Ernie) Odsal


    John Levitt

    1. Hi John,

      Just to clarify, the checklist is 100% accurate as far as the information contained on the cards is concerned.


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