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Topps - 2015 Allen & Ginter Baseball 10th Anniversary Issue (02)

2015 Allen & Ginter Baseball 10th Anniversary Issue
300 base cards

Some illustrations of the cards listed below, including a few Julie Foudy mini parallel variations. I'll be adding more as and when they become available. I've also included nine of the ten Mia Hamm 10th Anniversary Autograph cards - just 2014 missing, which will also be added once a scan becomes available. Three  'buyback' cards have also appeared so far and these are shown too, stamped with the '10th Anniversary Issue' logo.
UPDATE (01-08-2015): Some more photos added, including more 'buybacks', including two Robin van Persie cards and a red autographed 1/1 Mia Hamm mini card.
UPDATE (03-08-2015): All the different versions of the Mia Hamm 10th Anniversary Autograph cards are now displayed, from 2006 to 2015.

Base Set
300 cards
PARALLEL: 10th Anniversary #/10
PARALLEL: Glossy 1/1 (Box-topper)   -   updated
MINI PARALLEL: Red-Bordered#/40  (exclusive to mini packs; 1 per Hobby case)   -   updated
MINI PARALLEL: A&G Black-Bordered
MINI PARALLEL: A&G No Number (limited to 50)
MINI PARALLEL: A&G Flag Back - hand #'d to 25
MINI PARALLEL: Wood - hand #'d 1/1 (Hobby)
MINI PARALLEL: Printing Plate - Black 1/1 (Hobby)
MINI PARALLEL: Printing Plate - Cyan 1/1 (Hobby)
MINI PARALLEL: Printing Plate - Magenta 1/1 (Hobby)
MINI PARALLEL: Printing Plate - Yellow 1/1 (Hobby)

167.  Julie Foudy

Framed Mini Autographs (1:54 packs)
PARALLEL: Framed Mini Autographs - Red ink - hand #'d to 10   -   updated

AGA-JFO.  Julie Foudy

Relic - Full-Size (1:24 packs)

FSRB-JF.  Julie Foudy

Tenth Anniversary Autographs (1:1,375 packs)   -   updated
MINI PARALLEL: Tenth Anniversary Autographs - Red Autographs - hand-numbered 1/1   -   updated

AGA06-MH.  Mia Hamm  (2006)
AGA07-MH.  Mia Hamm  (2007)
AGA08-MH.  Mia Hamm  (2008)
AGA09-MH.  Mia Hamm  (2009)
AGA10-MH.  Mia Hamm  (2010)
AGA11-MH.  Mia Hamm  (2011)
AGA12-MH.  Mia Hamm  (2012)
AGA13-MH.  Mia Hamm  (2013)
AGA14-MH.  Mia Hamm  (2014)
AGA15-MH.  Mia Hamm  (2015)

Tenth Anniversary Buybacks
Original Allen & Ginter cards from previous releases bought back and stamped '10th Anniversary Issue'.

2006 - Brandi Chastain
2006 - Brandi Chastain - framed mini
2007 - Mia Hamm
2011 - Heather Mitts
2011 - Heather Mitts - framed mini
2011 - Hope Solo
2013 - Pele - framed mini
2013 - Robin van Persie - framed mini
2014 - Robin van Persie - framed mini black-bordered
2014 - Carli Lloyd

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