Wednesday 29 July 2015

Kiddy's Favourites - (KID-080/KHM-2) "Popular" Boxers

(KID-080/KHM-2) "Popular" Boxers
Kiddy's Favourites
50 cards

Another checklist from Harry Richards, courtesy of Robert Muat. The cards vary in size and measure 63-67 x 38mm. Harry has a paper wrapper that promises a pair of boxing gloves if you send in a full set of 52 cards. Cards 51 and 52 may not have been issued, but he also has cards 1-50 with a red stamp on the back shown that they had been redeemed. Perhaps they actually gave boxing gloves for incomplete sets of 50 cards, or someone was lucky enough to find all 52 cards.

(KID-080/KHM-2) "Popular" Boxers - name on front in blue

(KID-080/KHM-2) "Popular" Boxers - name on front in dark blue
(KID-080/KHM-2) "Popular" Boxers - name on front in black
(KID-080/KHM-2) "Popular" Boxers - 1/2 size, printed on paper, anonymous with name, boxing weight and country printed on the back
(KID-080/KHM-2) "Popular" Boxers - Cancelled stamp on back (could be available for all above variations)

1.  Jackie Bryce (Scotland)
2.  Dado Marino (Hawaii)
3.  Jim Kenny (Scotland)
4.  Johnny Smith (Scotland)
5.  Johnny Ralph (South Africa)
6.  Harry Hughes (Scotland)
7.  Jackie Paterson (Scotland)
8.  Ken Shaw (Scotland)
9.  Tommy Miller (Scotland)
10.  Benny Lynch (Scotland)   -   amended   -   thanks to Robert Muat
11.  Luciano Paoletti (Italy)
12.  Teddie O'Neil (Scotland)
13.  Eddie Thomas (Wales)
14.  John Flannigan (Scotland)
15.  Jersey Joe Walcott (America)   -   amended   -   thanks to Robert Muat
16.  Joe Louis (America)   -   amended   -   thanks to Robert Muat
17.  Rocky Graziano (America)
18.  Ike Williams (America)
19.  Manuel Ortiz (America)
20.  Sammy Sullivan (England)
21.  Rinty Monaghan (Ireland)
22.  Freddie Mills (England)
23.  Robert Villemain (France)
24.  Ronnie Clayton (England)
25.  Maurice Sanderyon (France)
   -   amended 30-06-2021
26.  Ernie Roderick (England)
27.  Assana Diouf (France)
28.  Jimmy Gill (England)
29.  Raymond Famechon (France)
30.  Mustapha Mustaphaoui (France)
   -   amended 30-06-2021
31.  Gus Lesnevich (America)   -   amended   -   thanks to Robert Muat
32.  Ray (Sugar) Robinson (America)
33.  Willie Pep (America)
34.  Bruce Woodcock (England)
35.  Marcel Cerdan (France)
36.  Olle Tandberg (Sweden)
37.  Roberto Proietti (Italy)
38.  Peter Kane (England)
39.  Vince Hawkins (England)
40.  Billy Thompson (England)
41.  Bos Murphy (New Zealand)
42.  Georges Martin (France)
43.  Jean Mougin (France)
44.  Georges Mousse (France)
45.  Tommy Barnham (England)
46.  George Daly (England)
47.  George Dawson (Wales)
48.  Henry Hall (England)
49.  Johnny Molloy (England)
50.  Freddie Smith (England)
51.  not issued ?
52.  not issued ?


  1. I found a benny lynch in mint condition at work today email me

  2. No. 25 Sanderyon
    No.30 Mustaphaoui


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