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Panini - Football Superstars (Plastic cards) (1981)

Football Superstars
Austria, Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Republic of Ireland, UK, West Germany
60 cards

Clear plastic cards issued in a number of countries around Europe. The collection was re-issued in 1984 as a 72 card set which included 12 Scotland cards.
UPDATE (08-02-2021 10:09):  These cards were originally issued in pairs and Ray Van Den Bossche has provided scans of a 2-card panel.
UPDATE (14-02-2021 13:49):  Ray Van Den Bossche has provided information on the 2-card panels in his collection, these have been added to a separate list at the end of the checklist. It seems each card can be found in at least two different combinations.

France emblem
Joel Bats (France)
Manuel Amoros (France)
Jean-Francois Domergue (France)
Yvon le Roux (France)
Maxime Bossis (France)
Luis Fernandez (France)
Jean-Amadou Tigana (France)
Alain Giresse (France)
Bernard Lacombe (France)
Michel Platini (France)
Bruno Bellone (France)
West Germany emblem
Harald Schumacher (West Germany)
Andreas Brehme (West Germany)
Hans-Peter Briegel (West Germany)
Karl-Heinz Forster (West Germany)
Bernd Schuster (West Germany)
Lothat Matthaus (West Germany)
Klaus Allofs (West Germany)
Ulrich Stielike (West Germany)
Rudi Voller (West Germany)
Norbert Meier (West Germany)
Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (West Germany)
Italy emblem
Ivano Bordon (Italy)
Giuseppe Bergomi (Italy)
Antonio Cabrini (Italy)
Salvatore Bagni (Italy)
Fulvio Collovati (Italy)
Gaetano Scirea (Italy)
Bruno Conti (Italy)
Marco Tardelli (Italy)
Paolo Rossi (Italy)
Giuseppi Dossena (Italy)
Alessandro Altobelli (Italy)
England emblem
Peter Shilton (England)
Viv Anderson (England)
Kenny Sansom (England)
Ray Wilkins (England)
Mark Wright (England)
Terry Butcher (England)
Bryan Robson (England)
Mark Hateley (England)
Trevor Francis (England)
Tony Woodcock (England)
John Barnes (England)
Luis Arconada (Spain)
Rafael Gordillo (Spain)
Soren Lerby (Denmark)
Vincenzo Scifo (Belgium)
Daniel Passarella (Argentina)
Chalana (Portugal)
Socrates (Brazil)
Falcao (Brazil)
Zico (Brazil)
Ian Rush (Wales)
Diego Maradona (Argentina)
Zbigniew Boniek (Poland)
Badge (Scotland)
David Cooper (Scotland)
Kenny Dalglish (Scotland)
Richard Gouch (Scotland)
Jim Leighton (Scotland)
Alec McLeish (Scotland)
Paul McStay (Scotland)
Willie Miller (Scotland)
Steve Nicol (Scotland)
Graeme Sharp (Scotland)
Graeme Souness (Scotland)
Gordon Strachan (Scotland)

Football Superstars - Pairs (as issued)

England – France
Italia – England
Deutschland – Italia
France – Deutschland
Luis Fernandez – Fulvio Collovati
Kenny Sansom – Rudi Voller
Falcao – Lothar Matthaus
Terry Butcher – Manual Amoros
Michel Platini – Peter Shilton
Ian Rush – Giuseppe Bergomi
Karl-Heinz Rummenigge – Ian Rush
Peter Shilton – Zbigniew Boniek
Andreas Brehme – Mark Chamberlain
Ray Wilkins – Giuseppe Dossena
Klaus Allofs – Ray Wilkins
Harald Schumacher – Bryan Robson
Rafael Gordillo – Hans-Peter Briegel
Fulvio Collovati – Socrates
Joel Bats – Bruno Conti
Hans-Peter Briegel – Trevor Francis
Daniel Passarella – Klaus Allofs
Bryan Robson – Jean-Francois Domergue
Jean-Francois Domergue - Paolo Rossi
Bruno Bellone - Karl-Heinz Rummenigge
Giuseppe Dossena - Daniel Passarella
Paolo Rossi - Harald Schumacher
Maxime Bossis – Alessandro Altobelli
Ulrich Stielike – Maxime Bossis
Yvon Le Roux – Luis Arconada
Alessandro Altobelli - Chalana
Chalana - Ulrich Stielike
Luis Arconada - Andreas Brehme


  1. You have missed out the Scottish team from this series

    1. I originally meant to add this collection twice, as a UK version and a non-UK version. It's my understanding that the Scotland team was only issued in the U.K. and the Republic of Ireland.


  2. Was this product licensed by anyone?

  3. Hi Alan,
    I've recently got some of these and have the full set based on the checklist here.... but I also got some club badges which are similar in style but slightly smaller. They include Aberdeen and Rangers from Scotland, Spurs, Man U, Arsenal and Forest from England and a myriad of clubs from throughout Europe. I have 29 of them but can't find any info about them here on your wonderful site, or elsewhere on the internet!!
    Can you help?

    1. Hi Dave,

      Thanks for your comment, I think the cards you are enquiring about are from a set called Goal, issued in 1983. I have a number of posts relating to the collection but the checklist can be found here:

      Kind regards,

  4. Alan,
    Thanks for the info... not seen them before and there don;t seem to be any around... are they especially rare?

    1. Hi Dave,
      I wouldn't call them rare, they appear on eBay from time to time.

  5. Alan, not sure if it's been mentioned before, but these cards were originally packaged in 2-card panels with perforations to separate them.

    1. Hi Ray,

      I tried looking for some scans of the 2-card panels but without any luck.


  6. Hi Alan, I sent you an email with a picture of the Rossi/Domergue 2-card panel. I can send you a list of the other ones I have, but I definitely don't have the whole set.

  7. I have the whole set up the loft. Collected then as a kid, the cards came with a scratch off game you played with another player, you had to score a goal, trouble was there were only a few patterns and you could work out the way to goal easily.


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