Monday, 13 April 2015

Tinghälls / Flamingo / Trick-Klubban - VM 1950 (02)


VM 1950
Tinghälls / Flamingo / Trick-Klubban
80 cards

Raúl has sent in some more information about this collection. There were some typographical errors in the original list, so I've added Raúl's list and identified the differences. Raúl is also aware of a couple of variations and he has sent in scans of them.

Andersson, Sune (Sweden)

Gärd, Ingvar (Sweden)
Jeppsson, Hasse (Sweden)
Jönsson, Egon (Sweden)
Mellberg, Bror (Sweden)
Nilsson, Erik (Sweden)
Nilsson, Stellan (Sweden)
Nordahl, Knut (Sweden)
Palmér, Kalle (Sweden)
Rydell, Ingvar (Sweden)
Samuelsson, L. (Sweden)
Skoglund, "Nacka" (Sweden)
Sundqvist, Stig (Sweden)
Svensson, Kalle (Sweden)

Ademir (Brazil) (2 versions)

Augusto (Brazil)
Barbosa (Brazil)
Bauer (Brazil)
Bisode (Brazil)
Chico (Brazil)
Danilo (Brazil)
Jair (Brazil)
Juvenal (Brazil)
Maneca (Brazil)
Zizinho (Brazil)

Annovarri (Italy)

Arapallese (Italy)
Boniperti (Italy)
Campatelli (Italy)
Furiassi (Italy)
Gapello (Italy)
Giovannini (Italy)
Magli (Italy)
Mucinelli (Italy)
Parola (Italy)
Sentimenti IV (Italy)  -  updated

Andrade (Uruguay)

Gambetta (Uruguay)
Ghiggia (Uruguay)
Gonzalez (Uruguay)  -  updated
Maspoli (Uruguay)
Miquez (Uruguay)
Perez (Uruguay)
Schiaffino (Uruguay)
Tejera (Uruguay)
Varela (Uruguay)
Vidal (Uruguay)

Alonso (Spain)

Basora (Spain)
Gainza (Spain)  -  updated
Gonzalvo II (Spain)  -  updated
Gonzalvo III (Spain)  -  updated
Igoa (Spain)  -  updated
Panizo (Spain)
Parra (as Puchades) (Spain)
Puchades (as Parra) (Spain) (2 versions)
Ramallets (Spain)  -  updated
Zarra (Spain)

Bahr (USA)

Borghi (USA)
Colombo (USA)
Ilvenny (USA)
Keough (USA)
Maca (USA)
Pariani (USA)
Saetjens (USA)
Souza (USA)
Wacanin (USA)
Wallace (USA)

Bauer (Sao Paulo)

Friaga (Sao Paulo)
Leonidas (Sao Paulo)
Mario (Sao Paulo)
Mauro (Sao Paulo)
Norvaha (Sao Paulo)
Ponce (Sao Paulo)
Poy (Sao Paulo)  -  updated
Remo (Sao Paulo)
Saverio (Sao Paulo)
Teixeirinha (Sao Paulo)

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