Wednesday 15 April 2015

La Vache Qui Rit / Panini - 25 Champions de la Coupe du Monde 86

25 Champions de la Coupe du Monde 86
Laughing Cow Cheese / La Vache Qui Rit / Panini
25 stickers

UPDATE (16-04-2015):  I've had an e-mail from Makhno informing me that I've used the wrong illustration for this collection. He has very kindly sent scans of one of the stickers.
Here are the fronts of 2 stickers from this collection and a back too: they are exactly the same as the ones for the Panini album for WC 1986, excepted the "La Vache Qui Rit" printed on the left side of the sticker or in the middle, if the sticker represents 2 players.
UPDATE (17-04-2015): Makhno has sent in better scan of the Toure sticker.

1.  Amoros (France)

2.  Ayache (France)
3.  Bats (France)
4.  Battiston (France)
5.  Bellone (France)
6.  Bossis (France)
7.  Fernandez (France)
8.  Giresse (France)
9.  Le Roux (France)
10.  Platini (France)
11.  Rocheteau (France)
12.  Stopyra (France)
13.  Tigana (France)
14.  Toure (France)
15.  Bruno Conti (Italy)
16.  Dassaev (Russia)
17.  Gordillo (Spain)
18.  Jordao (Portugal)
19.  Krimau (Morocco)
20.  Larsen (Denmark)
21.  Medjer (Algeria)
22.  Maradona (Argentina)
23.  Rummenigge (West Germany)
24.  Vercauteren (Belgium)
25.  Zico (Brazil)

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