Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Editora e Comercial Petrotta Ltda. - Milionarias

Editora e Comercial Petrotta Ltda.
11 cards

Another checklist from my friend in Sweden. This series of cards that looked like bank notes, made of thin paper was issued by Editora e Comercial Petrotta Ltda during 1960 in Brazil and it included 11 cards, each one depicting two different players of the Brazilian national football team.  There were different variations of each card, depicting besides the players, also different prizes (for example a bicycle, a ball, a set of football jerseys, a camera etc). The lucky winner who successfully collected the whole series with cards that depicted the same prize actually won that prize.
UPDATE (10-04-2018 20:09):  Gregory Graetz has informed me that these can be found with and without two printed red autographs on the front.

Milionarias - without two red autographs
Milionarias - with two red autographs

1.  Gilmar / Castilho 
2.  D. Santos / De Sordi
3.  Bellini / Mauro
4.  N. Santos / Oreco
5.  Orlando / Zozimo
6.  Zito / Dino
7.  Garrincha / Joel
8.  Didi / Moacir
9.  Vava / Mazzola
10.  Pele / Dida
11.  Zagalo / Pepe

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