Tuesday 14 April 2015

Panini (Brazil) - Copa América Chile 2015 (02) - Packets

Copa América Chile 2015
Argentina, Brazil, Chile
348 stickers

Another attempt at trying to document the various packets issued for a Panini collection, this time it's Copa America 2015. Three Brazilian packets are shown, along with the Argentinian packet, though the picture isn't very good. If anyone can supply a better quality scan please get in touch.
UPDATE (17-05-2015 00:15):  A special Coca Cola packet from Chile has been added.
UPDATE (17-05-2015 09:29):  A packet issued in Italy has been added. Thanks to Marco Ferri.
UPDATE (23-05-2015): Two of the three different Silver packets - the 'Contiene 5 figuritas' version is missing.
UPDATE (24-05-2015):  The missing Silver packet has been added, thanks to Marco Ferri. He also tells me that the Silver packets are also available in Peru.
UPDATE (22-06-2015):  The USA packet has been added. Thanks to Marco Ferri.
UPDATE (15-01-2019 15:25):  A packet from Colombia added, thanks to Andres Yepes.

Argentina - Industria Argentina - Contiene 5 Figuritas
Brazil - Contém 5 cromos
Brazil, for South America (except Argentina) - Contiene 5 figuritas
Brazil, for South America (except Argentina) - Contiene 5 stickers
Chile, Peru - Silver - Contém 5 cromos
Chile, Peru- Silver Contiene 5 figuritas   -  thanks to Marco Ferri
Chile, Peru- Silver Contiene 5 stickers
Chile - Coca Cola
Italy -  thanks to Marco Ferri
USA -  thanks to Marco Ferri
Colombia - thanks Andres Yepes




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