Saturday, 14 February 2015

Sunday Mail - (SUN-240/SURR-1-2) Scottish Footballers (Anonymous) (02)

(SUN-240/SURR-1-2) Scottish Footballers (Anonymous)
Sunday Mail
31 known postcards

Another card to add to this collection, though this one is listed as a variation at the moment - it's hand-coloured and has a green design printed around three sides of the border. A regular card is shown along side it.
UPDATE (13-10-2020 21:39):  Date of release amended from 1950 to 1947 as suggested by a comment below from George the Hibbie.

(SUN-240/SURR-1-2) Scottish Footballers (Anonymous) - errors/variations

Gordon Smith (Hibernian)


  1. Is there a definitive list for these cards available from the Sunday Mail? I'm surprised it seems there are only 4 of Hibernian's Famous Five. Is there really no Willie Ormond?

    1. After all these years this still not a definitive list of cards. New ones turn up from time to time. I think there's 58 different players in this series, which seems a strange total for a set to have. Perhaps it's 60, with two more cards to be added to the list.... or 64, 70, 72, 75....

  2. Hi there, been doing a little research on the players in this set as they obviously predate the 1950 Junior Sports Club Set. At least 4 of the listed players were transferred from their "listed" clubs, in that seems a more likely date for this set. ta. George the Hibby.

    1. Hi George,
      Thank you very much for your comment, I'm happy to amend the date for this collection in line with your research.


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