Saturday, 14 February 2015

Sunday Mail - (SUN-240/SURR-1-2) Scottish Footballers (Anonymous) (02)

(SUN-240/SURR-1-2) Scottish Footballers (Anonymous)
Sunday Mail
31 known postcards

Another card to add to this collection, though this one is listed as a variation at the moment - it's hand-coloured and has a green design printed around three sides of the border. A regular card is shown along side it.

(SUN-240/SURR-1-2) Scottish Footballers (Anonymous) - errors/variations

Gordon Smith (Hibernian)


  1. Is there a definitive list for these cards available from the Sunday Mail? I'm surprised it seems there are only 4 of Hibernian's Famous Five. Is there really no Willie Ormond?

    1. After all these years this still not a definitive list of cards. New ones turn up from time to time. I think there's 58 different players in this series, which seems a strange total for a set to have. Perhaps it's 60, with two more cards to be added to the list.... or 64, 70, 72, 75....


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