Wednesday 11 February 2015

Famous Fabrics Inc. - Famous Fabrics ~ First Edition

Famous Fabrics ~ First Edition
Famous Fabrics Inc.

A large collection of cards, concentrating on American sports, but had a few football gems thrown in. I haven't got images of all of them, but I think there were only four different cards relating to football. The cards were the idea of the man that gave us SportKings - Dr. Brian Price. A second series came out later in the year, but more on that later. If you have any cards from this collection and would like to display them here, please feel free to get in touch. Any updated will be notified in the 'Earlier Post Updated' section to the right.

Famous Fabrics - First Edition - Single Memorabilia


Famous Fabrics - First Edition - Enshrined


Famous Fabrics - First Edition - Double Memorabilia

Pelé / Giorgio Chinaglia

Famous Fabrics - First Edition - Triple Memorabilia

Pelé / Giorgio Chinaglia / Franz Beckenbauer

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